Sunday 11/28/21 First Sunday of Advent

9am Worship "Hanging of the Greens"

6:30pm-8:30pm Flames BB (GYM)

Monday 11/29/21

7pm-8pm Cub Pack 190 (FH)

6p-9p East Elite BB (GYM)

Tuesday 11/30/21

6:30pm-8:30pm Flames BB (GYM)

7pm-8:30pm Sea Scout Troop 190 (FH)

Wednesday 12/01/21

6pm-9pm Softball (GYM) 

7pm-8:30pm Venture Crew (FH)

Thursday 12/02/21

7pm-8:30pm Boy Scout Troop 190 (FH)

6p-9p East Elite BB (GYM)

Friday 12/03/21

6pm-8:30pm Flame BB (GYM)

Saturday 12/04/21

Sunday 12/05/21 Second Sunday of Advent

9am Worship 

6:30pm-8:30pm Flames BB (GYM)


FH=Fellowship Hall    UP=Upstairs Classroom    FS=Fireside Room    GYM=Gym S=Sanctuary 

SR=Small Room across from the main office   SY=Side Yard   CR=Classroom

continue to check back often....